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The bustling city that is Nha Trang! What a fantastic city!! Only 20km south of this fantastic city is one of the cleanest, longest and biggest party beaches in Vietnam … On Sunday 17th of June we are going to celebrate like The Shack Vietnam and Bai Dai has never seen before!

Its a day packed with the most unforgettable entertainment. Its guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your entire trip! Backpacks/Expats/Locals we party as ONE!

Making a return by popular demand … The Breakfast of Champions (TEQUILA) at only 30,000vnd BEFORE 11am!

This is an event not to be missed, if you know anyone who has been to one before they will tell you … Even if this is your first Shack Jam well your in luck… This is going to the biggest one yet!

Did someone say Tequila?

After party hosted by The Rooftop Lounge! https://www.havanhotel.com/therooftoplounge.html


The Shack Vietnam Surf School

Welcome to the Shack! We are a surf shack, located at one of the best kept-secrets beach in Vietnam. Located approximately 21 kilometers south of Nha Trang, Bãi Dài (aka Long Beach) is the longest beach in Vietnam and is currently undeveloped. Bãi Dài History : Cam Ranh city was a major hub for the US military during the war. After the war, Cam Ranh and Bãi Dài (translates to Long Beach in English) remained mostly unchanged until 2000. At that time, the road from the former US air base to Nha Trang began which was completed in 2004. Families began building beach shacks in 2000 to provide beach destination and to sell seafood for the local Vietnamese and Vietnamese tourists traveling from all regions of the country. Since then, Bãi Dài beach has been mostly a rumor amongst the Western travelers until about 2006 when the former US airbase was reopened as the main airport for air travel to Nha Trang city. At that time, Bãi Dài has grown more popular amongst the Western Travelers but information regarding the details has been minimal. Westerners would find Bãi Dài accidentally or by recommendation from the locals in Nha Trang. Until now, there has not been English speaking employees, nor English menus in the area. With our business and the website, we hope to raise the awareness this beautiful beach amongst all tourists. Like all developing countries, this beach will be riddled with resorts and commerce in the near future. Until then, come and enjoy one of the most pristine natural beaches in Southeast Asia. The Shack was created to provide a place where both Vietnamese and Western tourists can find good food, great music and a great selection of activities. It exists as a partnership between a french couple, Céline & Romain and the Bang family. Bãi Dài beach is secluded and extremely peaceful. If your goal is to relax and sunbathe all day in peace, this is the place for you. If you are active, we have surfing : board rentals and/or lessons. Surfing: The surf season in Nha Trang and the surrounding area is generally from October to April. The surf is wind generated and the break at Bai Dai is a beach break which is best surfed when the swell is between 1 and 3 meters. (Please visit windguru.com for real time swell information). Bai Dai is the perfect place to learn in all conditions and is a great place for the more experienced surfer when the swell is 2 meters or more. Unfortunately, there is no surf during the summer months, however, we offer stand-up paddle boards, body-boards and big floats rentals but also jet-ski. Everything you need to have fun! Board rentals – We have several boards to choose from including long boards or short boards. Our boards are meticulously maintained and are of high quality. Prices : Surf board : 180k per hour – Please note, if you opt out of lessons you will be liable for damage to the surfboard. If you choose a surf lesson, you will be released from damage liability. Stand-up paddle board : 200k per hour. Body board : 75k per hour. Lessons : Our lessons include a 1-hoUR lesson from an experienced English-speaking instructor. Lessons includes 1-hour board rental. The price is 600k per lesson. Or you can have a 3-hours lesson for 1,5 million. You can have private lessons or group lessons. The prices for the group lessons depends on how many people and it’s preferable to book in advance. In addition we offer a full menu, which includes fresh local seafood and a western menu that includes an array of delicious western size specialty burgers, delicious tacos, burritos and quesadillas. We have a fully stocked bar for your entire beverage needs : fresh fruit juices and smoothies, strong cocktails and cold beers. We are the only restaurant in Bãi Dài with an English speaking staff, free seats and free wifi. Showers and real toilets. And good & chill music all day! Bãi Dài is an all-day experience therefore; it’s advised you arrange transportation in the morning with a return around sunset. You can contact us @ theshackvietnam@gmail.com prior to your visit so we can help you arrange discounted transportation to and from the Shack. We look forward to your visit!!
The Shack Vietnam Surf School
The Shack Vietnam Surf School2 weeks ago
Surf report. Waves look nice this morning, getting bigger in the afternoon. Happy surfing!

If you have been to The Shack before you may have heard some of the surfer slang we sometimes use ... It can be hard to understand for the untrained ear, so we have decided to give you a hand with some of the phrases!

Getting excited while surfing or really looking forward to a surf.

To bail is to jump off the board to avoid an imminent wipeout.

Particularly dangerous surf conditions.

Hang Eleven:
This is when a male surfer rides his board in the nude.

This is when the ocean goes flat between sets and everyone sits around waiting for the waves to arrive.

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      If you want to escape the busy city of Nha Trang, this is definitely the place too be! Awesome chill vibe, great food (western and vietnamese) and Bai Dai beach is a real local experience. Thanks to the guys from the Shack i had an...More

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The surf season in Nha Trang and the surrounding area is generally from October to April.   The surf is wind generated and the break at Bai Dai is a beach break which is best surfed when the swell is between 1 and 3 meters.
Bai Dai Beach’s surf conditions make it not only an ideal place to  surf but also a great place to learn to surf.



The Shack is renowned for its SHACK JAM BEACH PARTIES – A whole lot of fun in the sun at the beach with live music. Just 20 minutes outside Nha Trang our Shack Jams are a great way to spend the day at the beautiful Bai Dai Beach.



Looking to explore Nha Trang’s underwater realm – The Shack can organize a couple of boat dives or, if you have more time, our seasoned Scuba Diving Instructors even teach you how to Scuba Dive.


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